July 27, 2022

The Real Question - Why is cast iron so great for cooking?

By Phade Vader
The Real Question - Why is cast iron so great for cooking?

The Timeless Classic

Most of us remember cast iron cookware perhaps from our grandmothers or our mothers, and how it was regarded as a precious kitchen tool. Many cooks simply refuse to cook with anything else. Everyone has likely eaten something cooked in cast iron, though a few folks may not know the hows and whys of cast iron. Let's take a closer look.

It's Been Around a Long Time

Of course, cast iron cookware dates back a long time, and was one of the first dependable and soon beloved tools for cooking. It dates back centuries, with the first known crafting and use of it being during the second century!

Great Benefits

Besides being so sturdy (usually almost indestructible!), cast iron cookware simply gets better over time, as it is used more and more. With each use, it develops a patina, often referred to as "seasoning," which acts as a natural non-stick surface. That surface lets the cook manipulate the food easier and better.

Cast iron is also widely appreciated for its even distribution of heat. Owing to its iron composition and thickness, it not only distributes heat evenly, it will hold its heat. This allows precise control, and the ability to sear meats and veggies (yum!) since it can easily handle high-heat temperatures.

Not Just For Frying

Cast iron is famous for producing incredibly delicious fried foods, but it is far more versatile than that. It can be used for healthier food preparations, including low oil or low fat cooking for everything from vegetables to meat and seafood. It can boil, sear, stew, and be used to create sauces, rues and reductions. Virtually any stove-top cooking can be accomplished with cast iron, and a lot baking ones too.

Quality Cast Iron is Worth the Investment

Just like anything else, cast iron cookware can vary in its quality. That's why we at Whisk'd stock only the finest brands, which makes the value and return on investment all the better. Explore our cast iron cookware today to learn about the craftsmanship and how it always pays off in the kitchen. We're always glad to discuss all the great and varied ways you can use cast iron cookware - please visit with us.

Cast iron's use is historical, it's revered around the world, and it's simply darned good for all types of cooking!